How it Works

Get the job done right.

  • The buyer will post a requirement of the products they are looking for with detailed specifications.
  • The partner suppliers of the same category will get a notification about the new requirement posted and the partner can bid on the requirement.
  • On the basis of the various bids, the buyer can schedule a meeting with the relevant partner suppliers and which will be assisted by The Manufacturing Community.

The complete process will be completely free for both suppliers and buyers. The Manufacturing Community will be charging only referral fees from the partner supplier once the deal is done.This will help the buyer in their Vendor Development Process

Benefits for Buyers

The main aim of The Manufacturing Community for buyers is to ease the Vendor Development Process for Large enterprises and SMEs. The Key benefits the buyer will get will be right quantity and quality of products at right pricing and without compromising the time of supply.

The buyer will get a dashboard completely free to monitor the total expenses and previous history of their requirements.

The buyer will also get trust from The Manufacturing Community regarding the product’s desired quality, quantity and supply.

The information of buyer will be kept secure and the nuisance created by leaking the information of the buyer enterprise will be minimized.

Benefits for Partner Suppliers

For the partner suppliers, this platform will be a community where they can grow their business and find new business opportunities without paying any subscription fees.

The community will act as a Sales & Marketing team for the partner suppliers to generate more revenue. The platform will help partner suppliers in reaching the right target audience and provide resources for them.

The manufacturing community will also help the partner suppliers in upgrading their working units by helping them following the best practices and techniques to get more productive output and efficiency.

This is a small step to promote the movement of Make-In-India.